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Yes, I know, official meteorological spring began a month ago and astronomical spring two weeks ago. But one of our significant measuring points was hit over the weekend: our ducks began laying eggs. The first two are in the fridge along with four more left in the hay storage by the neighbors' wandering hens.

Also, I got some sour jelly beans (Starburst, not the best ever but they'll do) so that annual requirement is met. I think last year I never found any at all.

It has been raining on and off for three days. Coming down fairly hard at the moment. I can hear it on the roof and hitting the skylight in the kitchen as well as dripping into the stovepipe (despite the fancy cap that is supposed to prevent that.)

In preparing materials for ThingamaJig I realized that I could have a chance to play harmonica (blues harp, mouth organ, whatever you choose to call it) on a couple of our numbers. So I hunted through my closet full of musical stuff to find my harmonicas. Gary had, with his usual efficiency, put them into a box along with what materials we had on caring for and playing them. Except for my favorite, a Lancer in G, they were all there. I have Hohner Marine Band in D and A, and Gary had two Pocket Pals in C. A G harp is definitely needed so I hunted through my guitar cases and other likely places. The only thing I could think was that it was mixed up with dog training stuff at some point as we used it for that at one time (don't ask.) But I didn't turn it up.

Then I went looking to see what it would cost to replace it. I was horrified to discover that the Marine Band (which is a good instrument, yes) now sells for $39 - $45. I'm sure I never paid more than $10 for one. The Lancer was made for Hohner not in Germany as my Marine Bands were, but in the Republic of Ireland. Turns out those are no longer made, and even the venerable Marine Band is now made in China. Horrors! Glad I have a couple of the originals that are still in good playing order.

All right, so the Lancer isn't made any more. Surely there must be some used but playable ones around. EBay yielded a few being offered in the range of $15 - $20, so I snapped one up. It arrived today, complete with the original red cardboard box and protective sleeve. And I'm glad to report that it has the same mellow sound as my original Lancer, which will hopefully turn up eventually.

Other than going out to care for the horses, I spent most of the day editing and arranging tunes for ThingamaJig. Tomorrow we should see a little more of the sun, but then they tell us to expect some actual snow. Had enough of that now, no thanks.
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