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It's raining outside. On top of the mountains of snow. Yuck.

I see that Kyell Gold made it into the finals for the Shorty awards on Twitter, right behind J.K. Rowling in fact. That's pretty amazing.

Leo Magna brought his Fur-Piled comic to a close this week, just in time for Valentine's Day. Well, almost. It's a happy ending for the main characters, but leaves me with hanging questions about several of the peripheral ones, such as Car (Husky's high school squeeze, the blond hyena) and Saetto's brother (who I still think is the same as the lion that Andy cruised in the supermarket and probably the same as the one who shook him up so badly and sent him into near suicidal depression.) And there's that odd lion with the sun visor who made several mysterious appearances. Who was that masked man? What did he stand for? Still, the strip is a masterful job and lasted what, almost five years? Worthy of his Ursa Major, I say.

I need to get weaving, as a new deadline date for finishing those blocks has been set, and it's just two weeks away. I feel like going to bed right now, though. Thank goodness this is going to be a three day weekend.

Gary gave me a nice big cuddly plush pony for Valentine's. He's probably from the same place as the black mare (we call her Nightmare) that I've had for several years, but slightly smaller. I'll get around to photographing him soon.
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Stuck at work for another hour. Then a long weekend, hopefully, so I can finish the NaNo.

Meanwhile, here's an important lesson:

How to Ride a Pony

I'm not so sure about the crab blood, though.
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A word of advice about tiger traps... )
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A word of advice about tiger traps... )
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All week the Unabridged comic has been running a sequence that shows what each library staff member was doing on Christmas, tied together by phone calls to each from youth services librarian Dewey (who is home sick in bed with the flu on Christmas day.) In today's strip, Buddy the Book Beaver appears. He's the library mascot and has been the brunt of many fursuit jokes in the past. We've never seen him out of suit, and it's been suggested that he is sewn up in there and can't get out. Anyway, a classic furry scene here.

For once the weather forecast was very accurate. The snow today began at 8 am precisely, when they said it would. At midday it was accumulating at a rate of about an inch per hour, and visibility was as bad as during last week's fog. It stopped snowing just after 3 pm, again pretty much as predicted. We got a total of about six inches of very wet, heavy snow. Driving home was not nice, but there were no people in the library at all by 3:30 and Harriet decided to let us all go home before it got dark. Yay.

Looking at all the trees covered with huge piles of sticky snow made me think of Walt Disney's version of Peter and the Wolf so after supper we pulled it out and watched it, along with a number of other musical short subjects in the video release Make Mine Music.

Gary has a bad cold. I don't (yet) but probably will get it. Off to bed where it's warmer.


Sep. 18th, 2007 09:38 pm
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So I finished the whole thing. I had to, it was quite compulsive. It feels unusual to have a comic story actually come to an end with nothing more forthcoming, but it was well done just the same. The characters are just adorable, every one of them, and if the setting is a little over the top, it just serves to showcase the interactions that much better. I can't express how delighted I was at the end to find out that Ricky was a top of the class student in physics and astronomy and that Stephen was in pre-med. As for Marcus, well, I can't blame Danny for falling in love with him. Who could help that? I sure couldn't. There are sure a lot more stories that could have been told in there, but I can understand the desire of the author and artist to reach a point of closure and turn to other things. It must be very time and energy consuming, creating something so complex.

As much as I love Leo Magna's Fur-Piled and some of the other furry strips that are still running weekly or more often, Associated Student Bodies is a masterpiece that can be re-read and studied to get more out of it each time.

OK, so that's done. Now I have some real stuff to do, but I'm going to be daydreaming about Marcus, Ricky, Nigel, Danny, Thomas, Stephen, David, Tiny, Vince, and Timmy for quite some time I'm afraid.
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Severe thunderstorm watch here all afternoon and evening. All we got was a little spattering of rain and a lot of clouds, though. I guess central Illinois got plastered with the tornado warnings and heavy rains. It looked very impressive on the radar about 3 or 4 pm.

When I got home at 8:30 (this is ugly Wednesday, the day I have to work late) there was a box from Sofawolf Press waiting. Three books I'd ordered and am eager to read through. First is volume one of Leo Magna's Fur-Piled comic. I'm sure almost all is the same as what is on his web site, but I believe in supporting artists I like where possible. Besides, I love his art and storylines so much that I wanted a more permanent copy. Maybe I can get him to sign it some time.

The other two are Kyell Gold's Volle and Pendant of Fortune, about which I've heard many good things and I figured it is time to read them myself. Yay, furry fiction. The best kind.

[Edit: Just as I was about to shut down for the night and go to bed, the weather radio went off again. Storm watch is reinstated to run through 7 am tomorrow. Goody. ;p]
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Sometimes something in the Sunday comics just hits too close to home.

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