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I have recently been seized with a new interest in jewelry. No, not the heavy loads of costume stuff some people wear, and definitely not "precious" diamonds and rubies. But I've always liked simple pieces in understated color, matched to the wearer's personality and mood. This applies to both men and women. A simple ring, a pendant, a bracelet, or even just one earring, properly chosen, can be a fantastic addition.

I have a small collection of such pieces that I wear occasionally. Last spring I bought two or three small items from Black Wolf Jewellery in the Netherlands, and have been very pleased with them. But this made me think once again about making some items for myself or for gifts. (No, I'm not planning to sell anything.)

Details and photos under cut )

I wouldn't have thought that something as insignificant as color preferences would be so consistent over an entire lifetime, yet apparently they are. I may get around to looking for actual statistics on that.
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Rain or drizzle and a high of 52F predicted for tomorrow. In January? Well, that should get rid of most of the snow and ice anyway.

Looking like the whole week will be short-handed again. One staffer out sick today, boss off the next two days. Hope the sick one is back or tomorrow is gonna be really difficult.

We watched the final installment of the Harry Potter films tonight. I'll say it was a ittle better than the preceding three, but only a little. Sure couldn't have made much sense to anyone who didn't already know the story, though.

Other than that, cut up some old jeans to make denim background for embroidered patches. And that's the whole of today's accomplishments. Well, no, I did do stuff at work, but I don't usually count that.

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