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Suddenly I'm seeing talk about migration from LJ to DW (or other platforms) again. I bailed from LJ not long after the Russians took over, and don't know a lot about what happened to it since then. I've been quite happy with DW but then, I don't insist on a constantly shifting platform that wants to be "cutting edge" all the time even if that means undercutting its own long term users. I have accounts elsewhere (Blogspot, Tumblr, FA, Furry Network, and so forth) but don't really use them or care for the sites. Mostly I keep them to avoid being impersonated by someone else. I do use Twitter with some regularity, but don't consider it to be as effective for real communication.

Anyway, for those who are choosing to leave LJ now and come over to DW, welcome. Dreamwidth has a number of things in its favor. They promised not to try the kinds of wholesale censorship that SixApart fell down on. They promised not to shove advertising in your face. In my experience and exposure (which may not be complete, admittedly) they have kept those promises. I consider that a huge point in their favor. I am happy to pay the annual charge for a paid account, and I encourage any of you who can afford to do so to follow my example. DW staff are helpful and unobtrusive, and the site has very few technical difficulties (unlike some of the dedicated furry sites that I won't single out by name.)

I generally follow back most who choose to follow me, and my DW journal is public, not locked or private. I look forward to reacquainting myself with old friends and perhaps meeting new ones.
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Dinner with nearby friends, pleasant chat, icy clear night with stars so bright you can touch them and the Milky Way visible (first I've been able to see that clearly in several years.) And still two more days to the weekend. An auspicious beginning.

Gary made three kinds of bread that we took to dinner, and all were good. There's more of each one left.

We reassembled the eight t-trak modules, now that they've been painted and the tracks put back in place. They went together correctly, and trains ran smoothly over the track. Now time to build scenery.

Gasoline back down to $3.25 here, wonder how long that will last. Time to pay the horses' vet bills for the coming year, and to my surprise they've gone down. The boys are each $46 less than last year, and Tess is down about $10. They are in a sort of package/HMO program where we pay a flat rate that covers two visits by the vet, basic vaccinations and lab work, and so forth all in the single charge. This is the second year in a row that the cost of those services has dropped. And we like our vet, too. Amazing.

Now, it's time for bed I think.
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Spent the afternoon with another friend who has a big prairie restoration project on her land. She has just build a stand, rather like a deerhunters' stand, for viewing the prairie and watching for birds, butterflies, and animals. It's a small platform about seven feet above ground level, with stairs leading up to it and two seats with rails around them. She kept referring to it as her "bleachers" and I didn't understand why until I saw it. The two seats are folding stadium seats. A few years ago, Soldier Field in Chicago was remodeled and the old folding seats that were removed were sold to raise money. Someone presented her (or her husband actually) with two of those seats. A much better use for them than watching football, I must say. I think they'll also be excellent for watching meteor showers and eclipses. There's a great view of open sky for almost 360 degrees.

Her prairie is full of goldenrod, black-eyed susan, and heliotrope just now, as well as some stray native thistles and creamy lobelia (I think she said it was.) I did take some smaps, but they aren't out of the camera yet. Perhaps tomorrow.

We had peach pie and coffee, and talked about weaving, spinning, cooking, and the difference between schools today and what they were when we were students. It was a lovely afternoon.

Also got through four more inches of threading on the loom, only four more to go and it will be ready to sley.
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It was nice. I stayed too long and ate too much. There were a lot of delicious things people made. I suggested once again that we make a library cookbook. The bread I made was consumed in its entirety. One slice left for Gary when I got home.

There were a couple of "melon collies" but it was mostly upbeat and happy. Hostess and colleague has the biggest housecat I've ever seen, 19.5 pounds and just huge. Fortunately very friendly.

And I need to sleep because I have to get up early again tomorrow. Thunderstorms got me up at 3am, same predicted for overnight tonight.
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Steed and Bear arrived Friday evening from MFF, and we went out for dinner and hung out. They stayed overnight and this morning we had breakfast (I made an apple-filled German pancake, with bacon and lots of coffee) and we played around with the horses and dogs and then took photos of Steed in his fursuit before they went back to the hotel to catch the parade and head home.

So I got a little bit of MFF without actually having to brave the madness.

Went grocery shopping, and observed that the price of gasoline is fluctuating wildly in town here. This week the observed prices have been:

Monday about 8 pm, $2.62
Tuesday afternoon, $2.63
Thursday about 8 pm, $2.75
Saturday 2:30 pm, $2.59
Saturday 4:00 pm, $2.57

This is all recorded at the exact same station. Meanwhile, up in Harvard, prices have been locked solid at $2.74 for a couple of weeks. Down in Dekalb on Thursday the price seemed to be $2.59 everywhere I looked, and it was similar to that in Indiana last Sunday. In Ohio I saw one station at $2.39, though, and several at $2.44.

Some NaNo progress, gaining ground but not fast enough.

Current word count: 19,878
Today's quota: 35,007
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Our farrier friend's wife called and said he was under the weather and they were out of bedding straw for their horses. She couldn't find a source within reachable distance, did we know of one? Well, not offhand, but Gary offered to hit the cheapest local source of shaved wood bedding and bring them a dozen bales. So we dropped everything, ran to Union Feed, loaded up Gary's station wagon with wood shavings (not loose, they come in plastic bags) and stopped by the local grocery to get some lunch fixings, then made the 21 mile drive to John and Linda's.

Unpacked the shavings, after which I got to pet and smooch several horses including my old favorite, Accelerator, who I know recognizes me and always comes for a hug. In fact, he kept making a fuss when I tried to walk away from him, banging on the gate with a hoof to get my attention until I finally told him to stop it. John has a new quarter horse paint stud who is really handsome though a bit over-spirited for my taste. After I'd petted and snugged him a bit and he'd nibbled on my coat pocket flaps and ears as many horses seem to like doing, Linda called to me to be careful as he is "nippy" and might take a chunk out of me. Well, no. We got along fine and he is very sexy and handsome even if not quite as personally affectionate as Accelerator is. Talked to and petted John's gray dapple mare also, who is really pretty and sweet but seems not to have many brains. She tangles herself in everything hurtful she can find, most recently a wire fence that cut her face badly though it has mostly healed without serious scarring. They have one yearling Haflinger colt and he's a sweetie too. I can't have any more horses than I have now, but I'd have loved to bring him home with me. Didn't visit their sheep or nutty llama as the snow is too deep.

We had a reasonably healthy lunch of sliced turkey sandwiches, low fat chicken noodle soup, and some blueberry pie (well, it has anti-oxidants, right?) and a nice chat before hurrying back home to take care of our own critters.

Contrary to the weather forecast, the sun never came out today and it snowed very lightly most of the time. I don't think the groundhog saw any shadow though.
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Dropped the car off again this morning to have the windshield washer pump replaced (they couldn't get the part in time last week) and then swung by the library to pick up my paycheck and return a book. I have today as vacation, and part-time colleague Carolyn was at the desk. She's covering for my hours today, in part. She greeted me with "I know where you were."

Sure enough, she did. She had read about the con in a newspaper, I guess. My fursuit badge was still in my pocket and I showed it to her. She was quite affirming actually, and said she thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

So... Obviously it isn't always as necessary to hide furriness as we seem to think. Intelligent people are not ready to believe the drek and nonsense that comes out of tabloid journalism like MTV and CSI. They see us for what we are, certainly harmless and unthreatening, and at worst eccentric.

As someone (I forget who, sorry) pointed out at [ profile] innerwolf's panel on Saturday morning, if you went to a Shriner's convention for a weekend, no one would make a pariah of you for it, yet the Shriner's are notoriously eccentric in some of what they do and certainly can be just as strange as anything furry. So there it is.

Off to have lunch and see Harry Potter movie 4 with my mate, since he took care of the farm by himself all weekend. NaNoWriMo and the podcast will have to wait a bit longer.
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So here's the rest of it:

Con report behind cut )

MFF report

Nov. 20th, 2005 09:23 pm
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Back home safely, happy, tired, wish it were longer even though I know I'd have been completely overcome by it then.
[EDIT November 21 to add some details omitted first time.]

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