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Proof that Steed must like Argos, or at least that he tolerates the wolf pretty well:

Argos and Steed

For photos from the fursuit parade at FCN, just follow this link.

All unpacked, incredibly enough. Now to do something(s) useful tomorrow, I hope. Rain finally stopped, replaced by a day of roaring gale force winds as the sun gradually returned.

Home safe

Apr. 15th, 2012 11:28 pm
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Fursuit photos to post tomorrow. Arrived home safely but in the rain at 22:25.

Altogether a fun weekend. I was spared any real drama or inconvenience, spent time with friends, enjoyed fursuiting and watching others, and had a pleasant if longish drive with good friends both going and coming. Now I need some sleep.
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The weather looked so gloomy and miserable this morning that we decided to cancel the excursion up to Durand, and try it sometime in the future. Photos would certainly have been disappointing if taken under those conditions.

Visited the dealer's room and artist's alley. Bought nothing but must revisit the dealer's tomorrow before we leave to get some things. Caught the tail of the variety show, but we were all unenthusiastic about it. Sound system set too loud, and the acts were more than a little weak or lame. Then Bucktown Tiger's live performance, which was more interesting though it depended largely on recognizing and making associations with various popular music and movie or television themes I guess, so I flunked. He's an excellent keyboardist and I've enjoyed his recordings. It takes a lot of courage to go up and play in fursuit, with limited vision and tactile capability. He did far better than I could do, in any case. Sound system was still set too loud.

Then the same poor management of the lounge space at suppertime, so we went out to a Detroit style pizza place (Buddy's) at Casey's recommendation. Turned out the location we picked was just a small takeout spot with a few tables, but we had pizza anyway and it was good. The crust is different from any I've had before and worth trying to duplicate I'd say.

Netbook is running low on batteries, so further discussion later.

We're here

Apr. 13th, 2012 11:37 pm
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Actually, have been for more than 12 hours. Got registered in time for most of the opening session, got a quick lunch in the sponsor's lounge, greeted friends and then off to do the Rails 'n' Tails and Greymuzzle panels. Hotel is nearly overbooked, and in spite of our reservation we had to wait until 5 pm to get our room. That put a bit of a crimp in any fursuiting plans until late in the evening, but I did join Steed for a brief stroll and photo session. Should get photos from Bear in a day or two, I hope.

They were serving some good stuff for dinner in the lounge, but the line was so long and seating so congested we gave up on it and went to Chili's. Unlike my last con experience (MFF 2008) there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. So far, though, my only serious criticism of the convention management is the sponsor's lounge overload. The reason appears to be that they also serve beer in there, which encourages people to linger, sit, chat, and even play games. That would be all right if there were more space. But a larger room or else a separation of these two activities seems to be in order. Like most conventions, FCN has some obvious growing pains. I suspect this hotel is about crammed to its limits already.

Photos and notes from Durand tomorrow, I hope.
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The modules for Rails 'n' Tails are finished. Here are some photos:

Working or raiding?

Bears working in the honey yard above. Or maybe they are just raiding the honey. We aren't sure.

Completed crossover

Here's that crossover again, with the addition of a 1954 Ford Hy-Rail truck pulled off the tracks to left of the tower, a fox signalman on the deck of the tower, and a bear in the back discovering that he's too large to fit into the outhouse door.

Not quite dry lot

Detail of the quick corner module, a southwestern desert cowboy camp scene. Here we see a run-in shed and corral, with horses, windmill-driven well, water trough, and two coyote cowboys conversing at the fence.

Now to load the car. Catch you at FCN or on the other side of it.
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Or nearly. Bears installed in the scenery, and they look appropriately cartoonish. A third module is nearly ready, or at least ready enough to show. This is a corner at Casey's request, and contains a rough stable and corral with horses, set amid desert scenery. It would be a cowboy's station for tending cattle on open range, sometime around 1890-1900 I think. If I can, I'll get the coyote cowboys done tomorrow morning. I spent much of today assembling the windmill that pumps water for the horses. It was challenging, but looks OK. Made of lasercut brass, it may have to go brass colored for now, though it should be painted black or even better, rusty colors. The fan blade does turn if you blow on it.

Argos is going as he was for the Harvard Expo. Didn't find time for any further alterations, though I want to adjust his tail as it doesn't hang quite as I'd like it to. Plastic travel cases for the modules are ready, though the one for the corner is twice as deep as it needs to be. I'll take advantage of that and put my change of clothing in there under the module, so I can dispense with an extra bag. Toiletries, netbook and sketchbook in my backpack and I'll be set to go I think.

Programming load is light. FCN doesn't have anywhere near the number of panels and events that MFF does, so all I have to worry about is Rails 'n' Tails and Greymuzzle meet & greet on Friday. Those are back to back in the same room. I think there may be a breakfast on Saturday, and the fursuit parade and photoshoot that afternoon. We're planning a run to Durand to see the historic train station and museum, but hopefully can be back in time for the afternoon stuff. I've promised to do some fursuiting at some point.

Coming back I guess on Sunday afternoon, as traveling mates have to be to work on Monday. So, anyone looking for me in Novi should try between 2 pm Friday and maybe 2 pm on Sunday. Will have cell phone, which as you probably know, I rarely answer. Twitter, e-mail, or a comment here should get my attention, as I do expect to be internet equipped even if the hotel charges for it.

Tess has, appropriately, developed a cough and once again chipped her near forefoot just as she did about this time last year. I won't be staying home on that account, but will probably be worrying about it the whole time.
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Dropped the car off again this morning to have the windshield washer pump replaced (they couldn't get the part in time last week) and then swung by the library to pick up my paycheck and return a book. I have today as vacation, and part-time colleague Carolyn was at the desk. She's covering for my hours today, in part. She greeted me with "I know where you were."

Sure enough, she did. She had read about the con in a newspaper, I guess. My fursuit badge was still in my pocket and I showed it to her. She was quite affirming actually, and said she thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

So... Obviously it isn't always as necessary to hide furriness as we seem to think. Intelligent people are not ready to believe the drek and nonsense that comes out of tabloid journalism like MTV and CSI. They see us for what we are, certainly harmless and unthreatening, and at worst eccentric.

As someone (I forget who, sorry) pointed out at [ profile] innerwolf's panel on Saturday morning, if you went to a Shriner's convention for a weekend, no one would make a pariah of you for it, yet the Shriner's are notoriously eccentric in some of what they do and certainly can be just as strange as anything furry. So there it is.

Off to have lunch and see Harry Potter movie 4 with my mate, since he took care of the farm by himself all weekend. NaNoWriMo and the podcast will have to wait a bit longer.
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So here's the rest of it:

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MFF report

Nov. 20th, 2005 09:23 pm
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Back home safely, happy, tired, wish it were longer even though I know I'd have been completely overcome by it then.
[EDIT November 21 to add some details omitted first time.]

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