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Yeah, I know, it was last night, but it's still really, really bright.

While I was out a-ridin'

The grave yard shift midnight till dawn,

The moon was as bright as a readin' light

For a letter from an old friend back home...

--Michael E. Burton, Night Rider's Lament

Other news: handspinning show finished yesterday, I went in and took it down this afternoon. Now just have to get all those items back to their owners.

Fall color is coming on fast here, proving me wrong in my belief we'd have little due to the long drought. It is intense and widely varied in fact. I should try to get some photos, though the best views in our areas area along roads on which it is difficult to stop and use a camera.

Gary and I agreed yesterday that it was time to unhitch ourselves from Virgin Mobile, so we signed up to transfer to Consumer Cellular. The big guys are just too expensive and don't suit our requirements. We will in fact be getting smart phones (Android) but not by any means the very latest. The final selling point was the no-contract plan that still allows us to share minutes and data over two lines instead of having to pay for two full plans. Activation in one week, looks like. I'm bracing myself for a lot of complaints and explanations of how to do stuff with one of these goofy phones. I mean, who makes phone calls on them? Seems they're all busy playing games and updating their facebook pages.

Date: 2012-10-02 09:23 pm (UTC)
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Here's another song of the season. It's a bit Wicca-centric, but I thought you might appreciate it anyway :)

Hoof and Horn, by Ian Corrigan. A few folk alterations (how I learned it, basically) by me.

As I rode out one morning all on All Hallows' Eve
'Twas there I met the Horned Man and I asked of him his leave
His hooves were of the kettle iron, his horns sprang like the bow
And I was caught up in his pack with the Wild Hunt for to go

We rode and raged through the autumn glade and the earth grew cold and chill
And everywhere his Wild Hunt rode he worked his icy will
We rode through village, field and town and shutters drew in fear
For before us rode the Horned Man, our winter King so dear.

And then at last by starlight we came to that wild glade
Where we trod the ancient circle and the winter spell was made
'Twas there I saw my father, ten years and seven dead
And he did bear the icy spear and wore horns upon his head

But all things must come to their end, so from that place I passed
And when to Summerland I do go I will ride with him at last
The Horned Man will bless us all as sure as you were born
So raise your cup and sup it up, all hail to Hoof and Horn!

May Fall be good to us all. Good luck with your new phones. I fel the way you do about all the fluff on modern phones; mine just makes phone calls :)

Light and laughter,

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