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Done with Virgin Mobile, and glad we're through, even though they get away with about $100 in balance that was in our accounts. They were thoroughly unpleasant and often dishonest, and their service tended to be erratic as well. Voice mail weeks old would suddenly pop up as if it were new, ancient text messages would suddenly be delivered long after they should have died of old age. Billing was sneaky too, and since they insisted on deducting payments from a credit card, difficult to argue with. But they're gone.

New Android phones are here and working. Activation hit a slight snag when the automated system failed due to the old carrier's resistance to letting go, but a call to the new carrier's support got it taken care of within an hour's time. And I must say, they were the most pleasant people I've ever talked with on a support line. Knew what they were doing, too, and treated me as if I was not only valued, but also knew just what I was talking about. I think we're going to like these folks.

So now we get to learn a much more complex phone, and discover the world of the "app," I suppose. I don't actually use a phone much as a telephone, so my old cell phone mostly sat in the car, turned off. I can tell that this one will get a lot more use, even if I never make a call. It has the usual Android features, including GPS, Wi-fi, and a lot of clever tricks in the repertoire.

Date: 2012-10-05 09:59 am (UTC)
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They don't reimburse your remaining balance? (And for that matter, they're not legally required to do so?)

Date: 2012-10-05 03:05 pm (UTC)
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Suppose it's too late, but it might have been possible to donate your surplus balance to charity. The cell company usually has limits on donations like $30 per month maximum.

I plan on testing it with my Virgin Mobile phone on my next US trip. It's balance is climbing because I've hardly been in the US this year.

They screw with me with the 'your phone needs you' emails. They even turned off my phone once even though I have auto-renew set. Customer service is clueless.

I need a phone on both sides of the border, and prepaid phones often don't work across borders. It's cheaper to have two prepaid phones than upgrade to a plan that will work across the border.

I already dumped Virgin Mobile Canada for Telus. VM USA is actally good compared to VM Canada. I was able to donate most of my VM Canada balance.

Date: 2012-10-10 09:57 pm (UTC)
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Good to read this, as my household might be considering switching carriers within the next few months. It's pretty likely we'll stick with CREDO, though, because they really do walk the walk of being a progressive phone company. What company did you end up using? (I noticed that you didn't mention it, and am also curious as to why.)

I smiled to see the icon on this post once I was "inside" commenting :) I still pet the horsey you sent me!

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