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Time again for the annual Day at Peterson Farm, in which we demonstrate spinning, weaving, and related crafts on a 19th century farmstead over near McCullom Lake. Some of you will remember my past remards on this event. It is normally unpleasantly warm and humid, but mostly fun and filled with people who have never really thought about where clothing comes from or what the steps might be in producing it.

Attendance was lighter than in past years, perhaps due to the morning weather which included dense fog and dripping trees. By 11 am or so, though, the sun was out and the temperatures were fairly mild. Spinners, weavers, and quilters were all lined up in the shade of some ancient oaks and near an equally ancient barn with two wooden silos that are in amazingly good condition considering their age. I suspect that the trees are younger than the barn, in fact. The area they occupy was probably a cow pasture when the barn was built.

No really ignorant questions this year. A few teenagers demonstrated their lack of awareness of the processes involved in making fabric for clothing, but the adults (both men and women) actually seemed to know what it was all about and were asking much more detailed in thoughtful questions about wool and other fibers, the operation of the spinning wheels and looms, and even the dyeing processes.

The sponsoring historical society provides us with a free lunch, and there were vendors on hand with ice cream and other additional treats. Gary came along this year, and spent considerable time chatting with exhibitors and providing some music with his concertinas.

Overall, quite a pleasant and tiring day. Expect to sleep well tonight.

Date: 2014-06-23 06:33 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like something I'd like to attend.

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